About us

Titan Development LLC is a guarantor of providing full range of high-quality services in estate property management thanks to the unique experience accumulated during many years of practice, as well as the professionalism and qualifications of the company's employees.
We implement advanced technologies and the latest property management methods, provide a high level of services and apply a flexible policy in solving the issues of our clients.
Titan Development LLC is a part of the TITAN group of companies, which ensures high quality corporate governance and business processes, allows dynamic development using available resources preserving the reputation of a reliable partner and ensuring unwavering quality of services and the efficiency of investments when working with our partners and counterparties.
107 589,5 m2
overall area of the estate property
Principles of our work
The company's employees are its main capital
We are a team of like-minded people and each of us works as efficiently as possible to achieve common goals based on professionalism and mutual help, maintaining atmosphere of trust and openness.
Focusing on customers’ needs
The company's entire business of the company, from design and construction to leasing and managing real estate, is built on attention to each customer's requirements.
Unceasing learning and development
Training of personnel and employment training are the highest priorities of our company. The company's tactics are based on the desire and ability of our employees to get knowledge from all possible sources and quickly convert them into action.
Ideas and innovations
Our company forms the mentality of employees aimed at finding and implementing the best practical techniques and introducing innovations, noting the best practical offers and rewarding employees for bringing on valuable ideas.
High quality
Our company ensures rigid professional control over the quality of construction works thoroughly working on all the details and optimality of all decisions in implementation of property rights.
Transparency and openness
We ensure the transparency of the company's property structure, the accuracy of financial reporting, and openness in dealing with our investors.