"One World for everybody" is an inclusive project supported by the Group of Companies Titan

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28 April 2021

For the fifth time, the Group of Companies Titan supported the inclusive project "One World for everybody", the event where children with disabilities feel equal to the others.

This year, nine families came to Arkhangelsk from Onega, Vilegodsky, Primorsky, Vinogradovsky, Lensky districts and from Novodvinsk.

For the duration of the project, the families were accommodated in the tourist complex "Malye Karely". The participants of cultural and entertainment program were impressed by its variety: the family city of professions "Nordville" was waiting for children in Titan Arena shopping mall. They visited 26 workshops there and tried on 40 professions! For senior children, the Titan Arena organized a game of billiards at the club "Aristocrat" under the supervision of an experienced coach-teacher. At the skating rink "Ice Arena", the participants polished up their skating skills, and at the film screening at the "Mirage Cinema", the whole family had a rest.

As a gift from Titan Arena and with the help of a stylist, the project participants chose images for themselves in the shops of the shopping and entertainment complex.

The project is implemented by the subprogram "Accessible Environment" with the support of the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Development of the Arkhangelsk Region, the regional public organization "KulProSvet" and the Group of Companies Titan.