Trade employees of Titan-Development LLC received well-deserved awards

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26 July 2022

On the occasion of the Day of Trade, ceremonial awards and honoring of trade and public catering workers took place in all municipalities of the Arkhangelsk region.

Of course, the employees of Titan-Development LLC were also awarded with certificates of honour and gratitude for many years of conscientious work and professional excellence: I. S. Frolova, general director of the company, E. V. Kotovskaia, manager of the Titan-Arena shopping mall, L. B. Lapin, deputy general director for lease and property, T. S. Varakin, chief specialist of the lease and contract department, M. V. Shumilov, administrator of the Iceberg Business Center, O. V. Torgan, hr manager, A. V. Gorbunov, lead repairman, M. V. Durygin, office cleaner of the Svetlana store, S. N. Kozachenko, duty electrician.

Trade has always played a vital role in the economic life of our city, and the work of commercial workers largely determines the quality of people’s life and mood. We are confident that the skillful combination of innovative approaches with the best traditions will continue to allow our employees to provide quality services that meet the modern needs of the residents of Arkhangelsk.