We've made the city cleaner!

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23 April 2021

On the eve of the all-Russian clean-up day (subbotnik), employees of PKP Titan LLC and Titan Development LLC put Victory Square in order in Arkhangelsk. 70 people came out to clean the urban area from garbage and last year's foliage.

"The city is our common home, and each resident of this home is responsible for its cleanliness. That's why I'm here, that's why our staff is here. We will clean up, and the green grass will appear faster, it will immediately become cozier, more beautiful and well-kept!" — said Sergey Shevelev, director of forestry at PKP Titan LLC.

Armed with gloves, rakes and brooms, the employees of the Titan holding worked hard! During two hours more than 200 bags of garbage were collected. By the way, they were immediately taken to the landfill.

"A clean-up day in Victory Square is a tradition for the Group of Companies Titan. Over the years we have been helping the city administration to clean up here. This is a special territory for us. Firstly, our real estate objects are located nearby — office buildings and a Central department store, and secondly, there is a monument to the "Residents of Military Arkhangelsk 1941-1945" - a gift to the city, which was presented by the holding in 2015," said Irina Frolova, general director of Titan Development LLC.

Attention was paid to the monument itself during the clean-up. The sculpture of a woman with an icon in her hands and a girl was washed from dust and dirt, and then polished.